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November Donors Camp 2017
November Donors Camp 19-25 November 2017
'PRESENTATION/PERFORMANCE/EXECUTION CAMPfocus was organised per the Donor's request stated in the title of this camp.   
Camp will be presented by Choreographer & Coach, Kristian Ryan from Sydney, Australia.
Kristian will work with the skaters to improve on the below program components:
  • Skating Skills
  • Transitions
  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Interpretation of the Music
Camp will be compulsory to ALL SQUAD skaters, Development and International.
Camp is offered to all skaters Novice A, B, Advanced Novice, Junior and Senior not on Squads.  
Fee = $500/skater for ALL skaters (Squad or non-squad)
**payment information for camp will be circulated at a later date
Coaches may attend to receive NROC CCE points = 3 points/day = NO FEE
On-Ice Times:  
Sunday (19/11):    5-8 a.m. 
Monday (20/11):   6-9 a.m.
Tuesday (21/11):   6-9 a.m.
Wed.,     (22/11):   6-9 a.m.
Thur.,     (23/11):   6-9 a.m.
Friday    (24/11):   6-9 a.m.
Saturday(25/11):   6-9 a.m.
Off-Ice Times:
9:30-11:30 a.m. (Sunday, 19th November):  Location = Level 5 JCube
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. ( Monday - Saturday 20-25 November):  Location = Level 5 JCube 
Individual Lesson times for each skater off-ice 30 mins./day (included w/ camp):
  • will be scheduled after registrations received
Full programs will be skated by all skaters the last day of the camp for parents, friends, (whoever wants to attend - the more the merrier) for the skaters to show off their program performances with presentation and execution they learned during the camp 

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